Free Theme Installation Service

Check what you might get:
1. Free Development store: No need to pay for time when you test and configuring store. Transfer ownership when store is ready.

2. Free Theme Installation as our theme demo: If you have our themes license (Valid Purchase Code), we offer free theme installation & import demo data Service (without mega menu setup).

  • Theme installation.
  • Required app installation as below. (Other apps may need additional fee).
  • Import demo settings (presets)
  • Import demo content (products, blogs and pages)

    Features and limitations of development stores
  • Development stores include most of the features that are available on the Advanced Shopify plan
  • Create an unlimited number of unique products
  • Process an unlimited number of test orders (for example, by using the bogus gateway or the REST Admin API)
  • Process up to 50 orders through an active payment gateway (for example, by completing a purchase through the online store)
  • Assign a custom domain
  • Create up to 10 private apps

However, there are some things that you can't do with a development store until you switch it to a paid plan, such as:

  • Install paid apps (except for a selection of partner-friendly apps)
1. You need purchase our theme first, then give us the Item purchase code of this purchase. We don't accept purchase code has been expired

2. Tell us which theme style that you want setup full store. With 1 regular Purchase Code, we only help set up full store 1 time only.

3. IMPORTANT: when we transfer the completed full site to you, you must active it. That means you must select the Shopify pricing to active and use this store. This Payment that you PAY to Shopify, not for us!

4. The setup time from 1-2 working days to complete.
You pay Shopify for your account. Then Shopify pays us a commission. You get your site setup free. Shopify gets another happy customer. We get a monthly commission based on your Shopify plan (not your sales). You pay us nothing. It’s win/win/win.

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